Simplehuman 40 Litre Slim Rectangular Touch Bar Kitchen Bin

SKU: CW-2016-LC

Our unique touch-bar makes it easy to open This product from any angle. Just tap with your elbow, bump with your hip or nudge with your knee. And it stays open until you are ready to close it – making this product ideal during food prep or while finishing up long chores.

This stylish bin from simplehuman truly makes it easier to keep a clean house; with the easy to use touch bar there's no excuse to leaving wrappers and lolly-sticks all over your house! The simple yet elegant chrome aesthetic fits the style of almost any room of the house and due to it's slim nature it truly fits in any room. The 40 litre capacity also helps manage your waste disposal as that's far less empties than the usual bin, leaving you with more time in the evenings to relax.

  • Total Capacity: 40 Litres
  • A unique touch-bar makes it easy to open the bin from any angle
  • Dimensions: Height: 710 mm | Width 260 mm | Depth: 430 mm | Lid open height: 1054mm
  • Colours: Main: Brushed Stainless Steel | Lid: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Simplehuman High Quality Construction supported by a 10 Year Warranty
  • Bin liner size: M

Here we have included a video showcasing the bin:

Brand simplehuman
Capacity 40 Litres
Depth 430mm
Guarantee Length 10 Years
Height 710mm
Lid Opening Clearance 1054mm
Width 260m

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