Bristol DIY Garden Wheelbarrow Light Work Metal - 50 Ltr / 80Kg

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Bristol DIY Garden Wheelbarrow Light Work Metal - 60 Ltr / 80Kg
This Bristol DIY Garden wheelbarrow is the perfect wheelbarrow for your garden. The lightweight barrow allows you to manoeuvre around your garden with great ease. This wheelbarrow can be used almost anywhere as it adopts a sturdy framework and a brilliant galvanised panThis wheelbarrow can also hold weights up to 80kg making it a very nifty wheelbarrow that can transport a respectable amount of weight.
This wheelbarrow comes highly recommended by other gardeners and has excellent reviews. Adding to this the barrow has an option of 2 different wheel types. With the Pneumatic option it allows you to travel over almost all terrains with little resistanceHowever for the harder terrains we have a puncture proof option. This may be good for builders who work on a construction site with sharp objects. Or maybe those who work on an industrial site or in a warehouse.
This wheelbarrow comes highly recommended for many reasons. From the light weight to the galvanised finish. This wheelbarrow is also Manufactured in the UK


Key features:

  • Excellent For Home Gardening
  • Strong pan made of Galvanised Metal
  • Sturdy Framework
  • Can hold up to 80KG
  • Highly Recommended
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Choice of 2 different wheel types (Puncture proof, Pneumatic)

Please note that assembly of this wheel barrow is very simple but the frame may need minor adjustment during assembly.

Technical Specifications

Colour Galvanised
Tray Material Galvanised Metal
Max Load Capacity KG 80
Net Weight 8.5
Tray Thickness 70mm
Water Capacity Litres 50
Sand Capacity up to 4.5 CUFT
Handle Height 610mm
Handle Width 570mm
Tray Length 803mm
Tray Width 610mm
Tray Height 205mm
Wheel Info 350-6 Pneumatic
Ball Bearing
Plastic Hub
Wheel Type Pneumatic
Max Overall Length 1270mm
Puncture Proof No
Wheel Type Available Pneumatic, Puncture Proof
Pre-Assembled or Boxed Boxed