Leifheit LinoProtect 400 Rotary Dryer - Grey

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Includes the ground installation socket

Weather unseasonal? You are wanting to dry your laundry outside and still do other things in peace, without the added worry about when the next downpour could be. Then the Leifheit LinoProtect 400 rotary dryer with rain protection is exactly the right solution. Because come rain or sun: Under the rotary's stylish, automatic-opening waterproof cover, your laundry is protected from every shower and even bleaching that comes from UV rays. You're therefore finally independent to do what you want - whatever the weather! And not just in summer. The LinoProtect 400 extends the outdoor drying season from spring through into autumn. This means that laundry can smell wonderfully fresh throughout most of the year. When the rotary is not in use, the arms fold in together and the lines are concealed under the cover, always protected from dust and dirt. Very practical: The rotary dryer resembles a parasol when arms are folded together - which helps you to forget housework and means you can enjoy leisure time in the garden in a more relaxed way.

It also ensures extra comfort. The LinoProtect 400 is simple to open thanks to the patented easy-pull opening mechanism. And there's also a whole lot of drying space under its huge covering. With 40 metres of line length, up to four washing machine loads can be dried in the fresh air at once. There are also eight clothes hanger holders for crease-free drying of blouses, shirts and t-shirts. The rotary is a well-made sturdy design and is equipped with a patented 'lift-off protection' to ensure the airer stays securely locked in the ground socket, even in strong winds. The LinoProtect 400 is delivered with a ground sleeve.

Please note: the Leifheit Rotary Cover has a maximum opening of 29cm. It Fits all Leifheit Rotaries apart from The Large LinoProtect Umbrella model. The height of the outer line from ground when open is 1.72m.
  • With integrated waterproof cover for drying laundry, independent of the weather - even in rain
  • The canopy protects laundry and lines from rain, bleaching UV rays, dirt and dust
  • Extends the outdoor drying season and ensures fresh smelling laundry from spring through into autumn
  • Convenient to open thanks to the patented easy-pull opening mechanism
  • Secure hold even in strong wind thanks to its sturdy design and patented lift-off protection
  • 40 metre line length for approx. 4 washing machine loads
  • Includes 8 clothes hanger holders for gentle drying of blouses, shirts and t-shirts
  • Includes ground sleeve
  • 3-year guarantee
Line Length 40m
Ground Socket Included Yes

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