Hills 60m Supadry Hoist Rotary Clothes Dryer

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Includes the ground installation socket

A reputable choice of home builders and industry experts, Hills is renowned for its durability and well built design. The long 10 year guarantee adds to the peace of mind that the Hills brand is quality assured. 

The Hills 60m Supadry Hoist is an ultra heavy-duty clothes line that is ideal for a large family wash, effortlessly managing a king size duvet. This Hills dryer is equipped with 60 metres of drying line that will hold a large amount of washing with the large 3m turning diameter giving your washing a good fast drying time.¬†This Hills dryer has an easy to clean line and an easy to operate hoist mechanism which can be raised and lowered by the winding handle.¬†Height of highest outer line when raised is 2060mm, minimum height of outer line 1873mm.¬†Washing can be loaded easily at 1800mm before raising the hoist into the breeze. The Supadry Hoist has individual line tensioning devices on each line to help keep lines taut

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  • Large 3.0m turning diameter strong steel core lines with adjusting hoist mechanism
  • 4 Arm 60m, heavy duty 52.5mm diameter main pole
  • Includes a ground socket with a lockable collar
  • Unique Hills hoist mechanism for total control - raises your washing into the breeze
  • Outer line spans 2m across on each side
  • Adjustable Height from 1.75m to 2.06m
  • Weatherproof and durable galvanised steel construction

Please note that this dryer is a heavy duty airer and once installed, it cannot be taken apart.

*Once assembled we are unable to accept this airer back for a refund. If returning prior to assembly, any returns will incur an extra collection fee due to the weight and size of the airer.


Practical Hangers


Adjustable Height from 1.75m to 2.06m


Secure Line Tension


Flexible Top Spinner & Breeze Brake

Brand Hills
Guarantee Length 10 Years
Ground Socket Included Yes
Line Length 60m
Height 2.06m
Adjustable Height 1.75m to 2.06m
Turning Circle 3.0m
Material Galvanised Steel
Suitable Location Outdoor Only

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