Copper Sinks

Here you will find our complete range of copper sinks, ranging from precise, machined sinks to beautifully handcrafted bowls. The inclusion of a copper sink to your kitchen helps create many experiences that would be impossible without one. They bring a certain warmth with them that is amplified when light, both natural and home lighting, rebounds off of them; depending on the chosen finish they can drench the surrounding area in a beautiful warm glow.

Similarly to silver, copper has antibacterial properties. As the sink is normally a haven for nasty bacteria it's always handy to help protect yourself in any way you can while having to deep clean it a lot less frequently. 

Please Note: Each of our Eclectica sinks are hand made, as such the dimensions for these sinks are unique - no two sinks are the same. They will always adhere to the listed dimensions with only slight variations, however we recommend having the sink in your possession before making any cuts into your work surface.

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