Mens Holdalls

One of the first bags to be carried by men, the holdall is one bag that none of us can do without. Capable of holding everything we need for a short trip away, or even a trip to the gym, duffle bags are an essential item for every modern man. Fit all of your items within one Holdall bag. From Ashwood branded leather to London Troop Canvas, each material provides a different feel and weight to your bag based on your preference.

Our bags also come with plenty of adjustable straps to keep your items fastened down and to adjust the tightness depending on what you store inside. A good looking, comfortable to hold and affordable holdall, what's not to like? 

Our range of men’s holdalls are incredibly stylish, roomy and are befitting of every fashionable gent. Covering all price ranges, you’ll find a holdall to suit your needs, that will be with you on your travels for years to come.

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