Leifheit Linomatic 500 Deluxe Outdoor Rotary Clothes Airer Plus 50M Cover

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Includes the ground installation socket & rotary cover

The Linomatic 500 Deluxe Cover features Leifheit’s tried-and-tested line retraction system and the highest levels of convenience and practicality for energy-efficient and gentle drying in the fresh air. As with all Linomatic rotary dryers, the lines are located in the rotary arms when closed to protect them from dirt. Clean lines, clean laundry! The Linomatic 500 Deluxe opens with minimum effort, as its optimised Easy-Lift-System makes it even 20% easier to operate compared to other Linomatic rotary models. Simply pull on the cord tensioning line and the lines appear. Over time, the lines are automatically kept taut using the range of locking points available. After opening, the pull-cord tensioning line automatically retracts into the rotary, protected from damage and away from the ground, so there’s neither a tripping hazard nor a danger when mowing the lawn.

Thanks to its Easy-Close-Comfort feature, the rotary is effortless and practical to close. A push-button on the rotary arm is at eye level to make it easy unlocking and closing the rotary.
At the touch of the button, the arms on the Linomatic 600 Deluxe fold together closed and slide comfortably into place, removing the need for one to bend down out of the way.
Thanks to its proven line retraction system, the washing lines automatically retract and are stored safely in the rotary arms. Next time they are used, they are then re-tensioned automatically. Dirty lines from conventional rotary dryers, which leave unsightly marks on clean laundry, are a thing of the past.

The additional protective cover provides reliable all-round protection of the rotary dryer thanks to its hard-wearing and waterproof material.
With a total line length of 50 meters, the Linomatic 500 Deluxe Cover offers enough space to dry for up to five washing machine loads in the fresh air at the same time. The laundry dries gently and naturally in the wind, and it does not cost a penny in electricity. For additional drying space, each of the 4 rotary arm ends offers two hooks to dry up to eight shirts and blouses on hangers, kept free from creasing. With the longest line length of 2.03 metres on the outer line, the Linomatic 500 Deluxe Cover provides more than enough space for even large items of washing such as bed sheets and tablecloths. All materials used are weather and UV-resistant. Includes a protective cover and ground socket to cement into the ground.

Please note - the height of the outer line from ground when open is 1.70m

  • Rotary dryer with automatic line retraction ensuring you always have clean lines and clean laundry

  • Easy-Lift System for easy opening with minimal effort

  • Automatic retraction of the tensioning lines to protect against damage

  • Easy-Close-Comfort push-button at eye level on the rotary arm for convenient closing of the rotary, without needing to bend down

  • 8 hooks for clothes hangers on the end caps of the rotary arms for additional drying space

  • 50 metre line length offers space for up to 5 washing machine loads

  • Includes protective cover for reliable all-round protection of the rotary dryer

  • Includes a ground socket for embedding into concrete

  • Made in Germany

  • 3-year guarantee

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