Leifheit Linomatic 400 Comfort Outdoor Rotary Clothes Airer

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Leifheit Linomatic 400 Comfort Outdoor Rotary Clothes Airer

The Linomatic 400 Comfort features Leifheit's line retraction system, which has been tried and tested millions of times over, and has a light, open design with additional features.
As with all Linomatic rotary dryers, when closed, the lines are kept safe within the rotary arms to protect them from dirt and cobwebs. Clean lines, clean laundry!
Thanks to its Easy-Lift System, the Linomatic 400 Comfort opens with incredible ease, saving up to 40% on effort, compared to other rotary dryers. Simply pull on the pull-cord-tensioning line and the lines unfold. Over time, the lines are automatically kept taut with the range of locking points available.
Very practical: The pull-cord tensioning line automatically retracts into the rotary dryer after the rotary has opened .
Washing lines automatically retract when the Linomatic closes, keeping them dry and clean at all times. Next time they are used, they are then re-tensioned automatically.
A further advantage: the laundry dries gently and naturally in the wind, and it does not cost a penny in electricity.
The Linomatic 400 Comfort provides a 40-metre line length, so that up to four loads of laundry can be dried at once. With the longest line length of 1.86 metres on the outer line, the Linomatic 400 Comfort fits into a small garden or on a spacious terrace, and is even wide enough for larger items such as bedsheets, tablecloths and bath towels.
For additional drying space, each of the 4 rotary arm ends offers a hook to dry up to four shirts and blouses on hangers, kept free from creasing.
All materials used are weather and UV-resistant. Includes a ground socket with a cover for securing the dryer into concrete.
Made in Germany.
As additional accessories for the Linomatic rotary, there is a Centring Screw-in Ground socket and the practical EasyClip attachment which secures to the rotary arm to provide even more drying space and faster pegging for small items.

Overall Height MM 2100
Turning Circle MM Turning Circle MM
Ground Socket Included Yes
Capacity 40 Meters
Brand Leifheit
Guarantee 3 Years