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The StickR from TrackR is a small coin-sized device that has the ability to be attached easily to your valuables so you can keep a track of them. You have the option of sticking the device to your valuables using the self-adhesive label provided or alternatively it can be attached to your items using the 2 inch lanyard lace provided.

It can be easily hidden so you wouldn't know it is there. It works by connecting wirelessly to your mobile through the 'TrackR' App which can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android devices.

  • Can be attached to your valuables by self adhesive or on the 2 inch lanyard lace provided
  • Connects wirelessly to an App on your phone
  • Compatible with both Android or iPhone devices
  • Measures 1 inch in diameter¬†
  • No need to re-charge as the battery lasts up to 1 year with correct use.
  • The package includes: 1-CR 2016 3V coin cell battery, 1 key ring lanyard and ring
  • It allows two way tracking which lets users ring from the device to the mobile or from your mobile to the device.
  • Perfect for people that often misplace belongings.
  • Simply download the 'TrackR' app on either your Android or Apple device

Set up guide

  1.  Ensure your device is compatible
  2. Download the TrackR app
  3. Make sure your blutooth is on
  4. Open the TrackR app and follow the set up instructions

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