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The simple way to find items lost or misplaced, the TrackR Bravo is the most sleek and elegant tracking device currently available from the TrackR range. It allows you to track any device or item you want  allowing you to quickly locate those items. It's slim design and metal construction makes it highly aesthetically pleasing as well as being able to slip in to your wallet ,pocket or attached to keys with ease. 

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Key Features

  • Distance Indicator - simply use the TrackR app to show when you are getting closer to your keys or personal belongings
  • Item Ringer - features a ringer where you tap the 'item¬†ringer' and it will ring your missing item
  • Phone Finder - for those who easily misplace their phone, simple press the button on your TrackR device and it will ring your phone even if it is on silent.¬†
  • Family Sharing - Use multiple phone devices for the same TrackR device, perfect for shared items like car keys or the tv remote
  • Crowd Locate Network - The shared TrackR network means when another TrackR user is within Bluetooth range of your item you will get a location update.¬†
  • Separation Alert - It cleverly lets you know if you're about to leave and don't have your item on you.
  • Wallet-thin design - made from anodised aluminium means it has a slim, sleek and durable design
  • Amazon Alexa integration - Amazon Alexa will ring your phone when you say 'Ask TrackR to find my phone'
  • Available in four different colours

Product Information 

  • Diameter:¬†31mm
  • Width:¬†3.5mm
  • Battery Life:¬†1 year
  • Battery Type:¬†User-replaceable CR1620
  • Ringing Volume:¬†Reach up to 92dB
  • Range:¬†Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet - walls or furniture may affect range
  • Devices supported:¬†iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.4+
Size 31mm x 3.5mm
Colour Blue
Colour Gol

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